There are Cowboys in the Country

One of the cool things about living rural is getting the horseback riding merit badge. Tikka Masala’s leaders are both horsemen. One fell off a few weeks ago, but that was a different horse.

This was Lefty. He likes to be groomed from the left, saddled from the left, and on a left lead.

Tikka Masala doesn’t know his left from his right (much like his mother). He didn’t care. He got to ride a horse. He loved steering it.

One thought on “There are Cowboys in the Country

  1. Diana says:

    That is a mighty fine-looking horse. Does he have a friend named Zypherior who is the only key to help the mustangs remain wild and free? Hee Hee. Can you believe I remember that? You adored horses. Glad to see it passed on to the next generation.

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